Contour cutting without VM, SCAL, etc.

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We're looking for a value vinyl cutter that can do contour cutting without being driven by VM, SCAL, or similar software.  We plan to use our design software (Inkscape) to add registration marks to our images and to generate the HP-GL toolpath jobs.  We would send the jobs to the cutter using Inkscape's Plot extension or a tool like InkCut.

USCutter support tells me that the SC2 offers an ability to line up the laser from the control panel on the machine but that they only document contour cutting with VM.  Can anyone confirm that the laser can be positioned for contour cutting alignment from the control panel without VM, SCAL, etc. on the SC2 (and/or other value models like the LP2)?  Pointers to information about this feature would be appreciated.

Alternatively, is the serial protocol for the positioning process documented for implementation outside of VM or SCAL?

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Answered one of my own questions

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I have done it in SCALP but never tried inkscape. Buy a Titan they are much quieter and more accurate on long runs. 

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