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Well it has been over just over two years now since me and my wife opened up our shop. We are still doing good and it sustains itself and then some. We have met a lot of great customers and have gained a lot of loyal customers. The bulk of our business is tshirts. We do have good days and bad days but that is the nature of the beast.. 

I have missed being on here and trying to help out but working 40 hours and then coming home and pressing shirts keeps me busy. Hope everyone is doing well with their vinyl business.. 

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50 minutes ago, joker said:

Primal Decals no website yet. What is so great is the local screen printer always sends people to us. 

Thats great you have another business to help get things sent to you. Thats one way to get the word out for sure.


Just as a reference ,I use vista print for my website host and i pay like $18  a month for unlimited pages,video,image uploads etc . It was really easy to setup using a template which they have tons to choose from...once i had everything together on my end it was a piece of cake .  I dont do any direct selling on mine,but can .  but a lot of people go to it to see some of my stuff. I need to go update more photos etc on there this next week actually.

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