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I was poking around the Android app store today and found that What The Font and Find My Font now have mobile apps that allow you to take a photo and ID the fonts in it. I've been watching for these forever. What The Font had an mobile apps but pulled the Android version from the store for a couple years but I think the Find My Font app is new. Both are available for Android and iPhone now.

What The Font seems to be easier and faster to use while Find My Font has a lot more options. Both are free but with Find My Font you get 5 lookup credits per day unless you pay and you get 20 extra credits when you install the app. I'm not sure if unused credits roll over or not and I can't find anything about pricing for people that already have the PC application but in the app you can buy 30 credits for $.99, 150 for $2.99 or unlimited for $19.99.

Anyway, I'm sure some people will find them useful.

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