Help with Signwarehouse Vinyl Express R31

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I tried a different font (Amazone BT) within LXi , same effect. Also tried creating the letter in Photoshop, saving it as PNG, converting to SVG file and importing, still same effect. I have a message in to SW tech to see what they say.

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Just in case anyone else experiences this issue, I seem to have found the solution. On the cut/plot screen of LXi, there is a "Properties" button near the top left underneath where it lists your plotter and the COM port. Click on properties. There are 3 tabs that appear. Click on the 3rd tab on the right or the "Cut" tab. On that tab there is a "Curve Quality" setting. Mine was set to "Custom" or .040". I set it to "High" and now my curves come out completely normal.

sample o cut.jpg

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