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Greater Jacksonville Area, Jamie Garrison

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Now this is a story all about how...I got started... 

I am an entomologist, and studied beetles for sometime..but the pay just was not there, so I moved on to working as a Technology Manager for a Construction and Forestry John Deere dealer.  I still messed around with beetles and was asked if I would be interested in doing a European Style deer mount.  I did and then it happened... the requests started piling up.. " can you hydrodip the next one for me"  so I got the stuff to hydrodip the next skull... then he wanted a YETI cup hydrodipped... so I bought all the stuff to start hydrodipping tumblers and other objects like car parts and such... Then someone who was getting some car parts hydrodipped ask if I could powdercoat something... so i bought the stuff to powdercoat then i offered to the people getting their tumblers done  to powdercoat them and started it.. I started with a cricut explore air as my vinyl cutter..started getting asked to do some car decals and wall art..  cutting with the cricut took too long so i purchased a MH871-MK2 and have used it since...  looking to Start a second company just for the vinyl side of what my other business does  So January 1, 2018 ExposeURDesigns will start keeping its own books in order...


I really look forward to learning from this forum, forums is how I learned all the other little trades.   I have  am a believer in peoples experience is better than most written instructions..


Enjoy the New Year 


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