Lori M

Newbie from West Tennessee

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Hello,  I received a 15" x 15" clamshell heat press for Christmas from my hubby! So excited to get started.  I am sure I will have tons of questions as I get going.  First, what is the best way to stack different colors of vinyl when doing designs?  Which transfer paper is the best? I am using Sisser heat transfer paper

Thanks! Looking forward to chatting with everyone :)


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just seeing this, Welcome aboard. I used to travel all over tn. Im originally from western nc.  last I was over on the western side was at an off road park in Sparta tn.

well I see you have a press, what cutter do you have? and with siser htv vinyl you don't use a transfer tape like with decal vinyl. siser htv is on a clear backing that holds it on shirts til u press it

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