Graphtec fc7000 -75 not responding

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For a few months I've been having issues with my graphtec fc7000 -75. I cannot  go past the loading media prompt so I thought the cam senser was broken. I was told the cam sensor were not available anymore by Graphtec . I did my homework and was able to track a new one down,but unfortunately it didn't work and so now I was told that it could be the main board. I don't have much money but I know I can sell a couple of stuff to try to get this thing fixed if possible. My question is do you guys know where I can get my main board repaired if  not buy a new one? I saw one on eBay from China but they want $1,200 for it and I think it's too much to risk and also I don't have that kind of money. Is there a model number for a main  board that maybe I can track down like I did the cam sensor? I appreciate you guys time and God bless you! 

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http://www.iernc.com/manufactures/G/Graphtec/     I don't know anything about them.  You can do the same type of searches..

Check the Graphtec service manual for part numbers.  Can be searched online.  Check your own board for part numbers,  

I have seen some  FC7000-75   cutters going cheap on Ebay.  working,  and sold for parts only..    I have seen   Graphtec  FC parts for sale on Ebay., but haven't looked for awhile. 


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