Best/Good Heat Press Brands

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Hello, all. Couple of questions:


What brands should I stay away from?:

What brands should I look in to:

BEST BRANDS: Hotrinox....




Also, what features MUST I have?

Which features are gimmicky?


Thank you all in advance for your answers.

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Gimicky would be in the all in one category. Those are kind of sucky for all the extra stuff they are supposed to be able to do. Spend more on a dedicated press. 

I know starting out is a lot of money but if you can find a way to budget for a Fusion do it. I looked at several high end options and settled on the fusion and after having it I can't tell you how glad I am I went this way. The threadable platen and quick change options make production a snap. I can say with authority the thing has paid for itself in saved time in a single season. I also suggest getting the 11"x 15" and the leg/sleeve platens. The 11"x 15" turned sideways is perfect for hoodie fronts so you don't fight the heavy front pocket seam holding the platen up and the leg/sleeve will slide in most necks (thanks again to the totally threadable design) to do long sleeve shirts and across the shoulders on football uniforms etc...

This just my $0.02. I started with a budget swing away press and ran it for about 2.5yrs. That works too but OH the difference. 

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I have the fusion as well 16x20 bought it earlier this year i think lol.. Great press. So glad to have it .It was my first press ever.

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