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Hey y’all, just wanted to see how many other amazon sellers we have on here and give a little advise and get a little if you don’t mind sharing.

ived been selling on amazon since May this year.  I started by checking an old business account and realizing I had been gettin g amazon affiliate money that I had forgotten about (nice $200 find around Christmas last year).  I didn’t think anything of it unit one of my install videos went viral and I noticed I could sell the same kit I was linking to and make $15 profit instead of the 4-6% as an affiliate.  I went from kits to decals in a tight and specific niche and now I’m making more in 4-5 hours a week as I am working as an installer 3 days a week (during the semester I work 3 days installing then go back to 50 hour weeks between semesters).  I have steadily built my brand and under produced for q-4.  I have learned most of this info from 2 podcasts, “The Amazing Seller” and “ silent sales machine radio”

I am almost convinced of keeping my install work part time and working the two days a week I was using to study after the semester ends.  I love the freedom of being a business owner (I’ve owned 6 businesses and have grown two into multi-million dollar per year businesses...God has me on a different track now as seminary is about 1.5 years from being over and the pastoral job hunt is on).  I’m thinking of starting a Shopify store next and maybe trying out ebay again if I can find a reasonable fulfillment option (I hate to mail things).

what say ye other online sellers, any success stories, hints, tips, podcasts or books you recommend?

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