Roland color camm PNC 5000 vs PC 50

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HI looking to find some mor info an this 2 cutter the Roland color camm PNC 5000 & PC 50, cant find the different other than the names 

i will like to know if some one here have this cutters is one better that the other, is it the year  ? thank you ! 


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Hi @aguilar

I just saw your message, you can still use this plotter on Windows 10 with a parallel to USB adapter and SignLab software (I am using version 9.1 but 10 is good too).
The driver is in the software so you do not have to install the plotter on your computer as a printer. Everything is managed by the software.

Ufortunately the cartridge are impossible to find now... Sometimes I see PC-60 or PC-600 cartridge but as you saw below there are not the same. But we can still find somme ribbons on ebay to refill the cartridge if you find an empty cartridge.

If you have more questions I have a PNC-5000 and I am using it :)


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a guy is dropping off a pnc 5000 for me to check out. I don't think he ever used the printer part of the machine. so ive been researching these a lil bit in my not so spare time. he as it and the creation king cut I posted up the other day 

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