Fc7000 tries cutting using cross cut blade

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I recently bought a used FC7000 and had to do some work to get it to not stop in the middle of a cut. After updating drivers and the firmware that problem was fixed but a new problem began happening. When a pattern begins to cut the machine drops the cross cut blade instead of the cutting blade. Obviously this won’t work and ruins all my vinyl. If I power off then power on again it works fine again until the next time it’s been powered down for a while. 

Any ideas as to why this happens and how to fix it?

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I have owned my FC7000  since 2008,  bought new and I have never updated the firmware on it.  It runs great,,

Try a factory reset,  Turn on the power button , while holding down the up arrow.  You also might like the Graphtec Cutting Controller,  You can download it from Graphtec. You can change all of your settings from your computer.  Force,speed, etc. 


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