Mh 871 cut size issue HELP

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Okay so I'm having a issue with my MH 871 I put all of my measurements in after using my calibration tool then entered them in to the vinylmaster cut when I send the item to cut from right to left then measure and the cut is a 1/8 of an inch off but when I rotate the cut vertical then measure then everything is okay has anyone else had this issue help me please



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Make sure the set screws are tight in the grit rollers and that the vinyl is not slipping. Don't mess with the pinch rollers. .  Make sure you have enough vinyl slack behind the cutter, so you are never pulling vinyl from the roll while cutting.   I don't have any more ideas.  It's a bottom of the barrel cutter with a stepper motor.  We always tell buyers to step up to at least the SC..  The SC is more reliable from what others users state. .   I would use a pen in the blade holder on paper until I got it figured out. 

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