Install MH721 as a printer to cut from Inkscape

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Hi, I am completely new to bigger cutters, I have always used a silhouette cameo.

 have downloaded inkscape but I cant get it to pick up the cutter, I have read that I need to install the cutter as a printer.

But I cant locate the drivers to do this, the cutter is currently set up in the USB as COM Port 2 .

Can someone help me set it up to use please?

I am running 64bit Windows 10 system.

Thanks in advance 

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From what I have read,  it is not so easy to do from Inkscape..  Why not download FREE Signblazer and cut from it?   It is an unlimited Design and cutting software. 

Read down on this thread,  Slice& Dice posted.   The software will start downloading when you click on the link.     Someone else will have to help with the inkscape.


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If the cutter is one Inkscape can recognize, there is no driver involved.  It is direct communications, with no driver in the middle.  Inkscape can send generic HPGL commands, DMPL commands, and KNK commands only through a com port.  You don't install it as a printer.

The most common problem with missing drivers for cutters is the USB driver so the device is recognized as a USB device which is often the ftdi driver., (http://www.ftdichip.com/FTDrivers.htm .)A cutter is rarely installed as a printer.  When it is, the company making the cutters has created a mini cutting software in the psudeo print driver.

Here is a screen shot from Inkscapes Plot Extension.



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