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Can anyone advise me on this?

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Hello all


I understand that this  post may be labelled as a bit out of context but please excuse me for that.


Recently, I got my Wifi router relocated to a wallpoint near the Vinyl cutter. I have the Optical Fibre coming to my Inside Box. Since, then, I have been getting disruptions in my service.


Please have a look at the attached photos.


My question is:


Is the operation of the cutter and/or static charge present in the vinyl;strong enough for the interference in the internet service to the modem or Wi fi signal? I was told by someone that the cutter, while in operation generates an electromagnetic field which may interfere with the internet signal which I am unable to digest.

I am attaching some photos for clarification


Any advice will be highly appreciated

New location pic 1.jpg

New location pic 2.jpg

New location pic 3 .jpg

New location pic 4.jpg

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