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JLS Design    29

So I've been doing more research around my area, regarding pricing structures, to calculate, material cost, labor cost, overhead and profit.

I found this calculator on google, and watched a video of a CEO explaining how this worked.

I modified it a bit, and was able to get it to work out pretty decently.

However, the only thing I have not figured out is a quantity break.

In other words, if 1 decal is $5.00, then 20 should be $3.50, or something along those lines. 

If anyone who is a bit more skilled than I at excel, take a poke at it, and see if you can figure the formula to get that to work.

OR if nothing else, anyone is welcome to use this sheet to help them quote out jobs if needed.

Love to hear you're feedback too, what you all think about it.


Vinyl Quote & Sale Price.xls


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darcshadow    481

Quantity discounts only make sense if it is actually easier, faster, or cheaper to make multiple items. With vinyl cutting since so much of the cost is your time weeding and preparing and that won't really change no matter how many you do a quantity discount doesn't really work. Some designs are rather simple and can be easily grouped in a way that weeding and preparing can go quicker so you could apply a discount then, but it would be determined by your time rather than anything else. Now if you're printing it and you just hit go, a decent discount would be reasonable, since you'll only do a bit more work, but produce a lot more quantity.

On the spreadsheet, personally I'd change it so that your labor cost are cost per hour rather than minute. I'd also rework the material cost so that you simply enter the size and cost of the roll your using, the length of vinyl to be used for the decal, and the qty. This way you factor in the cost of the waste vinyl if the design doesn't fill the width, it also adds a little bonus if you can get multiple copies within the width. But unless you're working with expensive vinyl and large designs the material cost is usually pretty small and a very small percentage of the actual cost.

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