I am in a big Jeep club and make all sorts of decals for the group.  I recently started making these American Flag decals and installing them on the back windows of Jeep hard tops.  I've done a couple of 4Runners too.  It takes my machine about six minutes to cut one set.  It takes me about ten minutes to weed everything out and apply transfer paper to one set.  Another 25 minutes to do the install.  I am using Oracal 751.  I figure it costs me about $10 in materials to make these plus my time.  I've set a price and people are paying it but I feel that some are balking at my price.  I'm curious what you guys think I should be charging for these before I tell you what my price is.  I feel I may be charging too much.  I figure that if I lowered my price say $20, I'd refund the ten customers that have already paid, the $20 so there are no claims I'm being unfair.  Just curious what you guys would charge for these.  There's one on each side of the Jeep.  Thanks!  
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