Old CR630 how to replace carriage assy

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I'm hoping someone can help me. I have an old cr-630 that still works but was cutting poorly. I looked at the assy and found that not only was the blade holder assembly broken but so was the carriage rollers (wheels..whatever you want to call them). I was able to get a new carriage assembly but can't figure out how to get the carriage back on the track, It came off easy enough but it was broken and made out of plastic. I don't want to bend the tracks but I can't get it on. I also looked on YouTube and the only video I found says to spread the rollers but I still can't get it on the track. just wondering what I am doing wrong.

Thank you

cr630 carriage.jpg

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Well, if I recall that is all you have to do is spread the white roller wheels apart, I remember them being under A LOT of spring tension but yeah, it can be a bit tricky, keep trying and you should get it.

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