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Skip Willis

Update on my SC cutter questions

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I guess I just figured that the noise this stepper motor cutter is making, is just a characteristic of a stepper motor. I am used to the quietness of my Roland and Graphtec cutters I had at one time. As far as the problem I had with the eps file, cutting part of the design twice..... well, that was my fault. You see, I used to have to make the cut line a hairline sized cut, in Corel, for the cutter to know what to cut. It didn't matter what color the design was, it only looked for the hairline. I used to make each hairline a different color if I wanted to cut only a part of the design.

Well, this cutter and software acts different. What I was doing was making the hairline one color and the design a different color, and when VM looked at the design it saw two things to cut.   lol

 Live and learn. I stumbled across what was going on, last night while cutting a sign. I had sectioned it off by hairline color to cut only parts of the sign. It started cutting twice, and I sat there and thought about what was going on.... I guess this VM doesn't look for a hairline to cut. Just looks at the color.


Thanks for your help guys. I really appreciate it!

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