Help Required: Creation PCUT CT630 Stalls during cutting

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Hi everyone.

I own a Creation PCUT CT630 with Flexi Sign 10 Basic version and it was going fine since I purchased it in 2015.


Lasat year it started to play up with the files. At thaty time I realised that i's the floppy USB Connector, thus I reconnected the cutter using 9 Pin RS232 Connector and it had been running fine since then


This morning it stalled while I was in the middle of cutting a 1220 mm X 500 mm Long Graphic with its screen showing "waiting". I had to turn the cutter off and turn back on.


Has anyone else experienced the problem with this cutter? Please help.


Also, I fouond that the graphics I cut differ in sizes by 1 mm over 1000 mm length both ways in X and Y. Is it something normal?







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A Tripp-lite Keyspan Adapter that is the brand name, is guaranteed to work with the value cutters like the Pcuts  The value cutters have a cheap Chinese chipset.  Your RS232, connector, could very well be equivalent to  the the same cheap Chinese chipset. 

In Flexistarter  go up to Properties in upper left corner,  then click the last tab that looks like a blade.. If not done,  change the packet size to 1000 kb.  Click Apply ok.

For the size difference,  Go to resolution  and add a step.  Click Apply and ok.  Cut a  small square that measures, 3 Inches, or whatever.. Make sure it is cutting that. Adjust the resolution to get it.  Write the number down, so you know which way you went.


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