From wall application to cars... what do I use?

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I work at a college and have a SummaCut D120 vinyl cutter.  It is mainly used for wall applications for student Senior shows in galleries and floor applications for directional purposes.  I've been using the Oracle 631 for the walls and 651(I think) for floors and windows.   Now our campus services has noticed that I have this vinyl cutter and they are asking about motor vehicle appliques.  I have no idea where to begin... what type of vinyl is recommended?  Is the application completely different?  I'm wondering if this would be too much of a problem for my small office.  Any suggestions you can give would be appreciated.

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Hey fellow Summa user! I have a Summacut D75R the 30" little brother to yours. 

I never use anything less than 751 for vehicles. There is just too much expansion and contraction of body panels for the calendared products to hold up long term. Other than usually being an uneven surface there is not a lot different with vehicles. If there are multiple layers on something going on a curved surface I usually do the layering pre-application so it all goes on in one shot and lines up much easier. 

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