Perf cutting after premasking

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I have done a pretty thorough search of this topic and cant seem to find an answer. I sell online and what i want to do is cut out my kits, apply premask, then perf cut the whole thing...premask and all. I have purchased kits that clearly have had this done to them but I havnt been able to find any literature on it or any tutorials. It just makes everything look very professional and thats what Im after. I have attached a picture similar to what im looking for.

I have a graphtec fc7000-160mk2 if that makes a difference.

perf cut example.jpg

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Sounds like you are going to have to do some trial and error. Please post your results and maybe it will help the next guy. 

I wonder how well the app tape will stay down to allow you to cut through it. Some of the mass produced stuff is actually Die Cut 

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I'm completely new at this so I may be way off base but what if you did the following?

- Cut your vinyl with registration marks.
- After the app tape, place the decal on a carrier sheet like in the link the Signyouup posted. Or maybe even try contact paper.
- Create a new layer or color on your original artwork.
- On this new layer, manually create a contour cut. On most graphics software they have some sort of function to take the selected lines and "expand" or "grow" or "enlarge",which is essentially what a contour cut is doing. It won't be perfect, you'll have to do a little cleaning up.
- Change the faux contour cut line type to a dash instead of a solid. You'll probably have to play with what style dash works best.
- Line up your decal and it's carrier sheet using the registration marks just like you would for a real contour cut.
- Set up a blade depth that will cut through the app tape and decal but not the carrier sheet.
- Cut the color/layer that had the faux contour cut.

It sounds like a lot of work the first time around, but most of the heavy lifting is done when you go to make that decal again.

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