Sublimation colors are dull

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I am new to sublimation printing and my first project was a sandstone coaster.  The colors were dull.  The printer I used was sawgrass 400.  I used the heat-press settings that were given for sand stone coasters.  I placed the paper down with image facing up.  I placed the coaster down and then a Teflon sheet over the coasters.  I pressed at 400 for 240 seconds.  What am I doing wrong.


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first to make sure - you are using sublijet ink and a paper made for the ricoh like texprint-r correct?

is the 240 sec one you got from where you got the blanks?  I see conde on one says 120 sec and a different sandstone coaster says 75 sec so depends on the particular one.  if you got your blanks somewhere else would depend on that vendor on what exact material and coating they used to produce them to get the best results.  another difference I see is conde also says to put the coaster face up so you are applying heat to the top where the image is and not to the bottom and waiting for the heat to get up to 400 degrees on the bottom.  One thing you will find is too much time will produce results as bad as too little time - it isn't a matter of more is better - it has to gas just right - if over gassed it becomes muddy and lest clear

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