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What's the trick to 6-panel caps

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Hats have been causing us so many problems. Anyone have tips for pressing caps (esp 6 panel where you deal with a seam thru your vinyl) 

this looks horrible... (see photo)


cap: flexfit 63% polyester, 34% cotton, 3% spandex 

vinyl:  siser easyweed htv 


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I do them often. Yeah there can be some issues at the seam. You have some pressure problems it looks like and possibly low heat. I over pressure to get it to conform to the seam by pushing down into the foam. A lot of budget hat presses have trouble with the lower platen being too wide. I have a Hotronix and a couple sizes of platens. I find that 99% of the time I use the smallest one that is made for low profile hats. Same curve as the heat element but it's only about 2-3/4 tall. Not sure what press you are running but I have e seen people take a sawzall and hack some material off. Another tip is after you pre-heat the face use some force with your hand and stretch the hat out so it fits the curve of the platen better. My press has a little spring device that hold tension on the cap once you get it in place. 

Easyweed stretch will handle it a little better too. Has a little more average grip and has some flexibility to work down in there a little. 

I have tried to sell 5 panel caps and no one like the profile.  I try to steer clients to the more hip (and vastly easier to build) lower corner option and keep it on one panel but some designs just don't work that way.  Hats are easy money. One good sized order can pay off a brand new higher end press. I did a 1000 hat order this spring. 

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