Backing for White Oracal 651 other than blue?

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Hello!  I'm super new to making/selling vinyl.  I'm making car decals that are sold at a local store.  They are premade (a stack is sitting on the shelf by the register).  I'm using Oracal 651 white vinyl.  The backing is light blue.  It is throwing people off, I feel like they are turned off by feeling like the sticker is going to end up blue (even thought its obvious once you think about it that's not the case, but first impressions are everything).  

Is there a more "professional" way to display them that I'm not aware of?  Or am I overthinking this?

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There are other brands of white vinyl that have standard white backing.

Alternatively, you could simply save some white backing paper from vinyl colors used on other jobs, and transfer the decals onto these.

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