Registration Mark Woes

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I just purchased VinylMaster Cut and love everything about it so far, except the registration marks.

They are created/cut in a way that causes them to too easily pull apart when using transfer paper - instead of being a single piece of vinyl, the reg marks end up being composed of 5 pieces and transferring is nearly impossible with smaller images.

Is there way to either make the registration marks cut as one piece or to use an entirely different shape for the reg marks?

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1 hour ago, arty-rc said:

I'm not sure how VM works because I use Signlazer but see if you can select and total weld them. 

You can't really select them as they are presented until you cut...

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18 minutes ago, darcshadow said:

You could just make your own registration marks. I use a simple diamond.

Do you make them in your design app?  I was hoping for something very straightforward and simple by just using them in VM...

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I make my own too. I find that I want them in more specific spots so as to avoid wasting too much vinyl. I have used small triangles and diamonds. Just make one the shape you want and copy paste a few around where you want them and then select them all group and copy the group, past another set right on top and change the color so your cut by color will catch them as you cut. I install them with the rest of the vinyl and then pull them back off when it's all in place. Easy peasy.

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Thanks for the info.  I also just found this that seems to still work:


There is a little known trick that allows you to make your own custom registration marks, as many, and in any style you like.

The only thing that separates a registration mark from any other shape you can design, is the color used. This special registration color is applied to every color when the job is sent to the cutter.

The easiest way to set your own custom designed marks to this color is as follows:

1. Draw a shape somewhere, and add registration marks.

2. Select the registration marks (the ones built into the program).

3. On the right side of the screen, in the color pallet area, at the very top you will see a box that shows the currently selected color. If you select the registration marks you just created, you will see the color is set to the "registration color"

Directly underneath this box, there is a small black arrow (facing down), and when you move the mouse over this button, the help text that appears (hint) is "Copy Fill to Reserve Fill". Click on this button to copy the current fill color (in this case the registration color) to the second fill box underneath this button.

4. Design any shapes you want to use for registration marks.

5. Select them, and click on the second fill box, that should be now set to the registration fill color, and the shapes you just created will now be set as registration marks, and will appear in all colors when you send to the spooler.

You can delete the temporary shape and system registration marks you created in step 1, as they where just used as a way to copy the registration color to the color pallet.

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