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Hello all.  Total newbie here. I've been a commercial printer for nearly 20 years and I recently purchased a HP Latex 110 and a Graphtec FC8600 to meet the growing needs of my customers.

One of the jobs I need to knock out on this equipment soon is a 3" x 2" label that is consecutively numbered (250 pieces). I see where Flexi12 allows you to use a function called Auto Serialize under the Arrange tab. My question is this: when I select this feature, Flexi distributes the numbering left to right across the sheet in rows. Is there a way to change the distribution to run from top of the sheet to bottom in columns? For example (in theory): setting up for a 30" wide roll, Flexi shows me 8 columns of labels x 32 rows. First row, first column is #1; first row/second column is #2, etc. What I need is to have first row/first column to be #1; second row/first column #2, etc. This would then make the first row/second column #33; first row/third column #65 and so on.

Is this doable?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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Hey Bill,

The only way I found to do it is to set the number of copies at 32 number of columns at 1 then auto serialize.  Do that 7 times resetting the start number with 33 then 65 97 and so on until you get to 225. you then have to change the copies to 26 for the last column.

I hope this helps,




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Hey Doug. I found a way to do this rather quickly using MS Excel. If interested, shoot me an email and we can swap contact info: cpandg@yahoo.com

Be well.

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