What woudl you charge? Race Car Graphics

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I dont really advertise and pretty much stick to just online sales but I was out in my pool house (sign shop) and my pool guy came to clean my pool and saw me making up some graphics kits to ship out. He races cars and was in the process of pricing out getting both sides of his car done. He showed me a picture of what he wants but hasnt emailed it to me yet so this is the best I could find. I dont have the exact dimensions so Im guessing the total length of the graphic would be in the 100" range (each side), would be less than 30" tall.

Basically he wants the main graphic to be all black, but his numbers would be 3 layers with black on the bottom, then yellow, and white on top.

The car is yellow, main graphic would be all black. Number would be layered (black, yellow, white). I dont know if my numbers are even in the ballpark. I am quoting him two ways: making the kit and he installs, or making and installing the kit.

I was thinking $400 just to make it and hand it off to him. $600 total to install as well.

I dont do installs unless they are my own or its just signage so Im sure my pricing is a bit off.


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