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I think of every job as having six steps ----


1. Interview with client (what does he want?) -- create a Job Sheet

2. Design (and approval of proof)

3. Cut

4. Weed

5. Tape (app tape)

6. Apply to substrate


I am posting this here today because I skipped the approval on my last job -- the client had provided me with all the details, it was a simple sign, and he told me to go ahead and just do it.


The client specifically said to use a Serif font (i.e. Times Roman or Garamond, etc.) but when the sign was delivered, all ready to put up, he looked at it and said "It's not bold enough -- please re-do it Sans-Serif, I'm sorry"

Approvals, kids, approvals.

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T-shirts & all garments are in this same boat, too  

We don't tend to take into account the TIME spent during these steps.

PLUS, often the customer doesn't PROOF read carefully and they miss a mistake/mis-spelling,

and then  expect it to be "fixed".


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