Shirt Vinyl Cutting Issue

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I am cutting some shirt vinyl and having issues with the letter being very inconsistent. The lettering is easily .5" tall.  While the cutter is cutting it seems that the blade is holding the material down to firmly while the roller is doing its thing.  I hope this is visible is the attached video.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you,






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I know this is an old post, but I found using carrier sheet resolved my issue. I was having the same thing happen. It normally doesn't happen with 651 because it's much thicker with the paper backing. I cut around the same speed & pressure you have shown. did 20-30 shirts so far this weekend without incident. I actually went to Michaels and bought a Cricut light grip cutting mat (the light blue one) and it works fine. Just thought I'd answer in case some new people stumble on this.  

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