liyu tc631a and flexi 10 starter

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hi,im john ,in bad need of help, before i loose it with this plotter altogether, problem is, in small fonts,say half inch height, will not cu to exact as on screen font, 60* blade,sandblast vinyl,0.7mill thickness,but when i pen draw the font its pervect,, tried all offset values to 0.50, tried all pressure types ,and let blade in and out more and less, , machine can cut the sandblast tape with ease.its set on lowest speed of 100,but i think its still to fast,i had the sc series and it cut alot slower,,will a 17* blade help you think? i do headstone inscriptions, but if i cut a font thats 1.3 inches in height its pervect,georgia bold is font in pic attached, anything to fix this ill drive to uk to thank yousmile.gif,can it be slowed down in drivers or something? speed is from 100 to 800,i cant seem to put pics with this, on one of my other posts i added a pic of font big and small,if you would look at it,again thankyou


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