I'm new to sublimation

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I'm new to sublimation and not really knowing what all I need to get started. I mainly will be doing stainless steel tumblers, t-shirts, and coffee mugs. I have an Epson C88+, I know i need a continuous ink supply, i also have a 9in1 heat press. What should I buy as far as ink, paper, and is it possible to press a 16oz and 30oz steel tumbler with my heat press or should I buy a 3D press?

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1: You don't necessarily need a continuous ink system. 


2: The 9in1 press is great for starting up, but not near as reliable a the dedicated, name brand presses.  You need accurate and consistent temps with sublimation. Plus, they're made of cheap components. We almost burnt our house down with one. 


3: Anything you sublimate will have to have a polyester based finish.  You can't just buy a tumbler from wal-mart and sublimate onto it. 

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