Adobe Illustrator Arched text examples

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There are frequent discussions about text manipulation. Illustrator has 4 main options for creating an arch, arc or other shaped text.  Many other design programs have similar options. The included pic shows the general differences. 

Arched text will keep the lettering vertical and arch the baseline. The base of the letters are conformed to the smooth line. Type out your text then Effect>Warp>Arch

Arced will arc the baseline and keep the letter profile perpendicular to the line which causes some distortion in the letters. The base of the letters is also conformed to the smooth line.  Effect>Warp>Arc

Text on a Path is generally the preferred method and keeps the letter perpendicular to the line with no distortion. Draw a line, create a circle or an arch and use Type on a Path to begin typing on the line. I generally create an arch by starting with a circle then clipping it in half, this is also the proper method to have circular text that will read proper side up both top and bottom. The base of the letters and their true and accurate shape is left alone which will leave a little choppiness to base of the letters. There are 5 options for the text when you enter the Type on a Path Options menu (examples of each shown) as well as another level of adjustability where you can set the text alignment to the line. Alignment to the line is also somewhat adjustable by setting the "Leading" in the general text pull-down. (Basically line spacing)

The final option is to use the text as a brush. The text will remain perpendicular to the line and some distortion will be applied similar to Arced text. The base of the letters will conform to the lone. This method is a little more involved but yields interesting results in some situation. Type out your text then create outlines and save it as a new brush. Apply the brush as stroke to a line. This will need to be further expanded to outlines before ready to cut. 

All of the above examples are initiated with live text that will at some point need to be converted to outlines in order to cut. There are a lot of options that will effect the overall appearance, especially in the Type on a Path option. If you are an AI user and have some time to play this is a handy thing to be proficient with. Reading through this can seem complicated but a little practice and it becomes more intuitive. This is in no way an exhaustive commentary but gives a general layout of the potential options within Illustrator. 

AI Text .png

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