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Titan 3 ARMS for cutting stickers Chicago anyone?

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I am not new to vinyl cutters and I currently have 3. I have two Silhouette machines (made by Graphtec) and one 50" SC cutter. Lately, all I have been doing is print and cut sheets on a laser printer. Mainly I print multiple color designs via Adobe Illustrator on a 12" x 18" sheet with Silhouette Cameo registration marks. I then have to put the printed sheet onto the 12' x 24' sticky carrier sheet and then feed that into the Silhouette Cameo. I use the Silhouette Connect software as a plugin for AI and then it sends my AI file to the cutter and then if I cross my fingers and the stars align it reads the registration marks the first time and I am usually good from there. It is then a slow process of cutting but the quality is good.

So I am considering a few options...

- another Silhouette Cameo so I don't have to wait as long (~$250)

- Titan 3 15" and ARMS via VinylMaster (included) (~$800)

- Graphtec CE-6000 15" ($1,200)

I am leaning more towards the Titan 3 new or refurbed. I haven't seen any examples online of it using the ARMS and I have read some people having bad results. Does anyone here have any experience with using ARMS on the Titan 3? If it requires buying new software like DragonCut ($300) then there is no real savings. I would be better off getting the Graphtec and being able to have the similar, if not an identical workflow, but hopefully no carrier sheet.

Also, I mainly work on the Mac but I do have a Windows box available.

I usually run 10 - 30 sheets per job so speed is a consideration.

If someone was willing to show me theirs in the Chicago area or allow me to try a sample I will pay you for your time.






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I hope it was obvious, but to make clear my main pain points are:

  1. slow cutting speed of Silhouette Cameo
  2. having the extra step of putting the printed sticker sheet on a carrier sheet for cutting
  3. finicky optical registration of the Silhouette Cameo, needs to be put on the carrier sheet in the exact position to work reliably



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