SignCut saves the day!

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SignCuts unique ability to run on either mac or pc saved the day! I typically cut from a windows 7 laptop over in one corner of my workspace. Had a 100 piece order of HTV work to do and was getting set up when the laptop died completely. Turned out to be the power cord ($60 ouch!) well I needed to proceed on the cut and rolled my cutter across the room and swapped the dongle out into my iMac that I design on and cut the job rather than be down for the whole evening. As far as I know SignCut is the only cross-platform cutting program that will work on either macs or pc's. Several offer EITHER mac OR pc but are not able to swap back and forth. This is the first time I have had to use the back-up plan and switch to the mac and it saved me the evenings worth of working time. 

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