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SC 24 is cutting oversize

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I've recently noticed that my machine is cutting bigger than I have designed in SCALP. For instance, a 6"x6" ends up being 6-1/4"x6-1/4". And it gets worse the larger the image. Is there some way to calibrate these machines or is the issue within SCALP? I'm starting to do more work that require a closer tolerance than I'm currently getting. 

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Yes there is a way to calibrate in SCALP.  IIRC, when you hit the cut tab, the first menu is cut settings.  Go to the cutter settings in that menu, it brings up another menu called cutter settings. In there you will see "units" and "x resolution" and "y resolution".  If I remember correctly, change those x & y resolutions.  Mine are at 98%.  Could be a little closer, but I manage with it.

You just have to play around until you get it dialed in.



And welcome aboard!

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