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11 hours ago, Thepolkadotteddoor said:

I have sure cuts a lot Pro on my vinyl cutter and it is cutting a diagnol line across my work.  I have searched for help and can not find anyone that knows how to fix this.  i have wasted so much vinyl.  Can any help me?  Thanks, Darlene

bad cut in vinyl.jpg

I hope this link will help.

I found out with mine, it's a memory issue.  I've since watched how many images I try to cut at one time (including weed lines) and have eliminated this issue for the most part.

Good luck to you getting it resolved.

For myself, I think I'm going to upgrade to a better cutter as soon as possible, and keep the LPII for the kids to learn on.


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The software will do that if not activated or you could have a glitch if it is activated........ I have scalps 4 pro and just love the software,I also use Illustrator cs6/cc as my starting point and for adding things scalps does not do or do correctly.As of right now i will never change to another software unless it functions as easy as scalps does..I have tried VM and others and they just didnt do it for me...Contact if you cant get it to work,they will help you no problem...When i bought scalps3pro and found out 4 came out even tho Uscutter wasnt going to be selling 4 due to vm coming out , craftedge GAVE me scalps4pro for free... They are great there,,just goto their site and contact them..

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