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Tried vectorizing this and came out horrible to get the colors to layer right?  Anyway of doing this without having to clean up the vector to get some decent cutting?





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I don't see any pic either. I have found that the easy button (auto trace) doesn't produce very good results except in very controlled environments. Skarekrow (forum member and all around PS guru) works over files in PS and then traces and gets pretty clean work in ridiculous time. I have not had that good of luck unless the design in black on white with no other colors or pixelation to deal with. I typically hand trace anything I am worried about since I can usually turn out a clean job at least as fast as auto trace and cleaning up afterword and get more consistent curves that way. Each to his own but learning to vector by hand should be on everyone's list of things to learn if they own a cutter. There are vector trace engines that do better than others but none that satisfy me personally. There are quite a few pro's who will do them for you at reasonable rates (Skarekrow being one of several on the forum). I do a handful, often pro-bono but have been too busy with my own stuff lately. 

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