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Help - Sublimated print Flaking off of tiles

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I have been sublimating tiles for over a year now and ran into some issues over the weekend. Seems to only be happening on my 8x10 tiles, I noticed with my last order from US Cutter that there is a new label on the back of the tiles 'orca coatings' so I have a feeling that is the issue (new manufacturer maybe), but wanted some more insight before I called them. 

Randomly, the print is flaking off. I am not sure what is causing it, except I know that if I put a vinyl decal over the tile, the application tape is helping to peel off the print. I have random ones though with no decal on them that started to flake also.

I thought this stuff was basically 'infused' into the tile. Now I realize how cheap of a coating is on them and how easily it comes off. I can't keep making tiles if this keeps happening - very poor quality looking products that I refuse to sell if this is all the more durable they are.

Anyone else running into this issue? Anything I could be doing wrong? I feel like it can't be me, it's not happening with any other tiles except my 8x10 ones and only on these new ones. 

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