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Hello everyone, I am new to the vinyl cutting and working with these machines. I have run into an issue I have it all hooked up properly and my computer reconizes it no problems there and it will also print/cut text fine if I write it myself on the software that came with it, but the issue that i am having is I am trying to take an image that someone sent me and cut it into a sticker for his company and it keeps saying there is nothing to cut. I have tried all the steps that I can find and it still says noting to cut. Can someone please help me. I have the MH-MK2 i think. 

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more than likely you was sent a raster image made of pixels - the cutter uses vector graphics which is a mathematical representation of an image with nodes and lines (arc for those in other communities) - you image must be digitized  - depending on your software it may have a vectorize function or may not and will more than likely produce a less than desirable  version depending on the quality of the original image. a redraw by someone with experience with drawing vector images produces the best results - cost vaty for that servie


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