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2 hours ago, rocky53204 said:

Nice graphic design! New Hampshire and Massachusetts... had to look at a map to satisfy my curiosity.

I like how you had the road cross the border to illustrate the concept.

I didn't do the initial design but did have fun getting it to vector correctly. Had to redraw it for the most part. But yeah, I added in the limo and the actual border to the image. I thought it tied everything together and was a play on words with it being border limo. He wants it on a magnet for the cars for when they are parked at events, polo's, back door lettering and a large lit sign lettered.  

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1 hour ago, andygeekboy said:

Nice, very clean looking.

How much did you charge him if you don't mind me asking?

Still working out the pricing mainly because this was part of a larger project I have set up with the owner. I'm making new D.O.T numbers up for the limos, other doors are getting lettered, possible more artwork for the side windows, t shirts made up, making new name placards for all the drivers to hold at the airport, the works. Since I had a bunch of screen time to redraw the image to get it into a vector needs to be added into the price. If I had to throw a number at it for just this once piece wihout any real design work, I would quote him $ 40 cut, cleaned and installed. It's only 3.5 square feet. 

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