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Earlier this year I decided to upgrade my system and since I was pleased with system that I had originally purchased through US Cutter I decided to purchase one from them.  This started my education.  Since I had a business in mind rather than my hobby I was willing to invest the money in a good machine.  I did my research and made my selection only to find out that they were out of stock.  So I waited.  When my waiting did not satisfy I contacted US Cutter.  When their run around and misinformation about availability of what I wanted got the best of me I took to the forums.  What I found from the customer dis-satisfaction folks is that when a small company grows and has growing pains the customer gets thrown out the window. When I suggested ways such as I have seen asked for on the forums currently for customer loyalty incentives, I was told that the low prices and set shipping costs were the incentives that US Cutter provided.  And for a very short period of time I believed the hype.  A very short period of time then I went shopping.

I chose to invest in a high end vinyl cutter.  I could have gotten the same base price for the machine but US Cutter was not willing to waive the shipping costs on a cutter that was not branded to them.  It didn't take long to find that there are other houses out there with the same price that US Cutter lists but don't charge any shipping.  I found other outlets that have different materials that when you factor in the shipping costs are actually cheaper for the same materials. I found educational programs that have taken my vinyl cutting to new levels and set me on a firmer path to making my business work.  I have found customer service that regularly checks in with me to help me with my problems and to suggest new products that I may not be aware of.   I have found an outlet that is right across town that holds day long hands on training for free and that I can will call my immediate needs.  They will even consult with me to find options that they can provide if they don't have what I need in stock to make sure my down time is minimal.  I found out that my dependence on US Cutter had been holding me back and not taking me forward.

So when US Cutter sent me a plea to come back and an offer of a 10% discount I just had to shake my head.  If there is something that I can only find at US Cutters, then I may return to make a purchase.   I say may as I found out that there are plenty of folks out there that will meet or beat their prices and are hungry to acquire, serve, and respect new customers.  I am sorry to say that this is not something I found here.

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We are glad you found contentment somewhere - personal peace is most important wherever you may find it.  may your journey be a prosperous one

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