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Stencil Questions for stone

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Hey guys, I'm trying my hand out at sandblasting some stone.  I've got access to some basic sandblast equipment and plenty of stone to practice on.  I'm using the Hartco 930.  My question is how you guys apply the stencil.  Do you just apply the stencil straight to the stone and then weed it once it's on there?  Or do you weed the stencil like it was regular vinyl and then add transfer paper to get it onto the stone.  The stones I'm using aren't smooth polished surfaces if that makes a difference.  They are rough.  The design I'm practicing with is just some basic shapes.  No small detailed intricacies or letters or anything.  I played with it and got my cutter to cut the stencil great.  Any tips for the rest would be awesome.  Thanks guys!

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