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Thanks.  There is a lot of possibilities with rub n buff, and etching.  I bought a set of rub n buff from Amazon, and still haven't tried all the colors.  I etched some wine glasses for a hair salon and used the patina color.  They came out great, and the salon wanted more.

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On 8/12/2016 at 2:24 PM, xpaperman said:

If using a laser engraver, I believe there is a cream you put on the metal before engraving and that creates the black color.  For me, I use an air erasure for the etching then I use rub and buff for the color.

You can purchase a product called Ceramark (maybe Cermark?) which sprays on, and then when laser engraved it permanently bonds to the metal and leaves the nice black mark behind.

Or you can spend about $10 and get a can of Dry Moly Lube spray which is primarily molybdenum disulfide in a spray matrix - gives almost the exact same result for a LOT less money because the big name product is essentially the same thing.  Spray on a couple of light coats, let it dry, etch it, use a green scrubby pad and some water to remove the excess spray and voila, a permanently marked piece of steel!

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