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Why is SignBlazer doing this?

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Why is signblazer adding this extra line to my cut? 


Why won't it allow me to edit the vectors? 


I created a single stroke path of my signature and it works well right until where it connects back to the start point. I don't want that. How do I get it to stop?


I created the path in Illistrator then pasted it into SB. The file won't import for the life of me. 


When I try to edit the nodes, I get an error message and the whole thing crashes. 






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OK so I made a work around for it. 


I just closed the path and pasted it into sb then removed the unwanted part of the path. For whatever reason it allowed me to edit the nodes when it was closed and allowed it to remain open and cut it perfectly. 


Maybe it will help someone else out. 


btw, what I'm doing is creating a handwriting template or system to hand write notes for me (autopen) because my handwriting is the worst. 



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