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Ok, so having a little bit of an issue. I am printing on a printable vinyl with my Epson 1431 with pigment ink then using a cold laminate over them so can be used outdoors then using a USCutter LaserPoint II cutter with SCAL Pro 3.
The issue i am having is that the cutter isn't cutting along the lines and so every cut is different. When i go in and do the print cut, after i print the vinyl and place in the cutter, i do a laser alignment then proceed with the alignment of the registration marks. Once all 3 have been aligned, click cut and as you can see from the pics, it is not cutting on the marked lines and not the same on each row. I have tried several different times and same results. I have made sure the alignment of the registration marks are dead on, made sure to calibrate the laser before alignment and cutting, made sure the blade holder is seated and fastened correctly. I have ran a test cut with paper and pen adapter attached and made adjustments and rerun then when i would get it to where i am ok with it, i would run the vinyl and would be off. In the attached picture, i actually did 5 test runs with paper and pen and yet this is still the outcome.
I just can't figure out if it is on the software or cutter end.
So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance......


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The unfortunate truth is that the LP2 while equipped with a laser is not an optical eye machine so you are suffering from the fact that you are manually trying to set it up and you won't likely have consistent luck doing it that way. True optical eye machines will read the marks for you and are usually spot on for accuracy once you get it all figured out. I would recommend overprinting the area and if necessary shrink you design a bit to allow for variance along the edges. The budget cutters also run stepper motors and occasionally the steps in the motor effect the cut quality if trying to go really small. Those don't look small enough have that be much of a contributing factor here though. 

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