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Cutter issue - blade stops cutting half way across vinyl length

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I have a PCut 700


I posted this q in the wrong forum earlier!


But when I try to cut something, the plotter blade lifts up in the middle 100mm on the machine. It does this all the time, and so the middle section of the design doesnt cut.


I have checked communication settings and they are all ok.


But this happens no matter what I try to cut...and always in the same part of the machine - the middle 100mm.


Any ideas please?

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While I have NO IDEA how your machine is assembled, all cutters are basically the same construction architecture, so what you might try doing is accessing the ribbon cable which connects to the carriage ---  that is located along the top of the unit, and you'll have to figure out how to remove the upper cover.


That ribbon might be broken in the center, and as it unrolls across with the carriage, it's losing the connection.


This is similar to what I'm talking about --

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