Setting Conditions with Advanced Features

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I do not think this is possible, however would be nice...


In the condition settings, is there anyway to have say Condition 2 set to disable the media sensor and the pinch roller sensor, but Condition 1&3 to enable them?  Or any setting to easily toggle them?



I'm trying to make it easier to switch between small drop sheets and rolls as we do both about as equal.  The machine is nice to just have it auto setup to front edge with a roll... but as you know having a small 2" x 8" piece doesn't play nice with the two features enabled.

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No way to do what you are wanting.  that I know of.   either off or on...I disabled mine from day 1...  I use the Graphtec Cutting Controller on Condition 9.. Pretty easy to just change the settings from your computer... I don't change anything on my cutter.. I just load the media, put the carriage head where I want it.. pre feed rolls, hit Origin  and I am ready to cut..  I can cut roll or small scraps. without changing anything...I just move the pinch rollers where I want them. 

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