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usb / serial problems

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Hello everybody.

I'm Albert from L'Escala (Catalunya) (Spain)


I friend of mine give me a cutting plotter, a china one but looks also like a Uscutter.

I post the picture of the plotter.


I try to configure the computer in order to use it.


I try to diferent computers one with Xp and another with Windows 10.


First issue, usb not recognize the plotter when I plug (the usb cable is working... double check)

How I can do it? If not recognize I can not start any driver configuration..


I have a usb serial conversion cable (attached picture also) I used years ago but now I don't have the drivers for this cable.

Do you know any driver for this cable?


I prefere to configure in usb but i also read serial is more realiable.


Can you help me in order to get the syster working? Maybe there are old post about this problem but i found just one but no helps me.


Thanks and regards in advance








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Is there any markings on the USB-Serial adapter? Kind of looks like a TrippLite one, but hard to say since they all look pretty close to the same.

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The sub port on your cutter is actually connected to a chipset that converts it to serial, so like rude dog said you would need those special drivers installed. The adapter you are using looks like a cheap one I had from China for an old printer, those have seldom worked with the plotters. The brand that has been shown to work consistently is the trip lite mentioned above

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Thank you everybody. I will star to try.

I already downloaded usb drivers, but if I plug the cable is not recognizing any plotter. Then is difficult to install drivers in a non recognized device.


The usb-serial.... I just found looking with a llop us-232A model and I found drivers... Let's see.


I will upgrade with the progress



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Big progress. I have the connection done with serial.


Next.... From one computer and signcut takes long time or maybe is not really sending just a simple text to cut

With Signblazer in the other computer not has or i don't know wich plotter take on the list.


You can tell me if there is a compatibiity with uscutter driver and my plotter? Wich model can be? Or you suggest another.


For me the best is if I can work form illustrator direct or another software running in windows 10, second option windows xp.


Thanks. The progress I did is a big step. Thanks.

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Is there a way you can take more straight on photos of the cutter? It's almost impossible to identify it from those small pictures and from the angle taken. I would also ask you to take a much higher resolution pictures (BIGGER). The bigger the better (they have a file size limit but if you can make the images 1024x768'ish they will work fine). When you post a reply on these forums, look for the MORE REPLY OPTIONS button and at the bottom of the editor (beside POST) and then you can attach better quality images. You can even modify the original post you made for this thread by using the USE FULL EDITOR button when Editing your posts.


Personally, I think it looks very much like a generic Chinese cutter like this:


Note, same pure black color, same silver control panel on the cutter, same yellow sticker placement in the bottom right corner, same two silver screws on section immediately to the right of the control panel (some photos I've seen have different looking control panels however).


If my image is correct then it is possibly a JK721 model cutter possibly by a company called Ria or Jinka


Actually Ria might be a distributor, this link has lots of pictures, do they match your cutter?


If those pictures match then it is a Jinka JK series cutter... Which has USB Drivers on the page under the left hand side DOWNLOADS area.


And depending on the size it could have one of these alternative model numbers:


Model Item JK721 JK871 JK1101 JK1351 and corresponding Max.paper width 720mm 870mm 1100mm 1350mm Max.plotting width 630mm 780mm 1000mm 1260mm


In fact, it looks a lot like the second picture (both are JK series cutters). The first picture is also a JK series cutter but has a different control panel layout.




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Thanks. I think you guess the right one. at list picture is the same.

I still without usb signal and rs232 send but nothing arrive to the plotter.

work in progress...


I will keep inform.

Thanks a lot. I will check for the proper drivers.

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For RS232 you need a "Null Modem" cable usually.

Usually is right, unless it's a Copam CP-2500 (which we've discerned yours is not) then it's a straight through serial cable (I found out that the hard way). I also use a Tripp Lite USA-19HS Keyspan Serial to USB Adapter. It's the best kind you can get. Very reliable chipset inside. I'd recommend one if you can afford to buy another adapter if this one gives you too much grief. I had to use Tripp Lite's specific drivers though for it to work, does your serial adapter use drivers? Most likely, so you need to find out the model of the adapter to be able to obtain the correct drivers. If it can not be found, you're not going to have much success using it.

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First of all,thanks everybody for your help.

I found the problem. The serial/usb board is burn just under the usb connector.

I will try to cut the board connections. In theory shut work with serial but after 3 different computers (one of this it was working before), several cables and also two different usb/serial adapter cable still not working.


Maybe there is somethink wrong with the power suppy or with other internal boards.... to much thinks and to much time to loose,




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