anyone got advice for using silver leaf on glass with vinyl

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I am working on a small project for my wife, some vinyl typography applied on the second surface of glass. The silver leaf is used within the vinyl lettering.

The problem is I am using two layers of vinyl to make up the letter forms and when I apply the mona lisa metal leaf adhesive it seeps inbetween the tiny gaps of the vinyl layers as its a liquid glue (like watered down elmers glue really) and leaves a glue stain which can be seen through the glass, it also doesnt seem to adhere the silver leaf very well but thats probably my lack of skill lol!.

Im wondering what kind of glue should I be using - I was thinking of using some kind of spray on glue but it needs to dry optically clear so it doesnt make the silver leaf look drab- anyone have any suggestions for this.

I could buy the oracal 383 gold leaf and easily evade all of these issues but I like the look of the silver leaf, plus i really only need a small amount. if only I could get to work for me :/ any suggestions would be a great help.


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