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Not really looking for friends or advice, so if you're being sarcastic I could care less. Just sharing my experience with this terrible company on every outlet possible.

To say "I could care less" means you actually care, therefore you COULD actually care less. 

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until about a year ago even the cutters were 9.99 but I thought i read there was a change - I haven't ordered a cutter since then but am surprised when they can ship 4 rolls of 30" 150ft vinyl for 9.99 total - hard to beat that.  I have to break the boxes down to carry them to put them away lol thats a lot of weight

Trust me when I say they don't pay anywhere near advertised rates.  I worked at a company that would mail out loads of sample stuff all the time. They would print shipping labels with actual shipping costs, and all would be logged in and totaled monthly. When their monthly invoice came in, it would show the actual shipping fees, along with a discount which was 71% off.

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